About us


Ship of Fuels is a direct action group formed to:

  • highlight the impact of shipping on the climate
  • to challenge the industry to accept its climate responsibilities
  • to call on governments to include shipping in the global climate deal

We recognise that shipping is more efficient than planes and trains at moving cargo but with more emissions than the whole of the UK we cannot afford to ignore shipping in Copenhagen’s climate deal.

Shipping is the life-blood of the global economic system, shifting stuff from one side of the world to the other – but it’s this system and its determination to grow that is driving climate change. That’s why the industry must do the responsible thing and put a cap on its total emissions before working to bring them down.

Ship of Fuels joins the growing movement of direct action groups linked with Climate Camp. We will continue to shine a light on those in the industry who are dragging their anchors – until the whole fleet is looking ship shape.

Because the planet has no lifeboat.

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