Letter to the Captains

As well as fixing a banner to the outside of the International Chamber of Shipping, Ship of Fuels delivers a letter to the captains of the shipping industry – this is what it said….



LET US introduce ourselves. Ship of Fuels is a new direct action group formed to highlight your industry’s contribution to climate change.

DO NOT be alarmed. We are reasonable people. We understand that ships are the most efficient way of moving stuff around. And we appreciate your efforts to make your ships cleaner.

BUT you still put more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than the aviation industry, and more than most developed countries. And it’s more and more every year…

IN A WORLD that needs to slash its emissions to avoid horrific consequences from climate change, that’s not good enough.

YOU’VE had a free ride since Kyoto but that needs to change. You need to get on board for Copenhagen, and show you’re willing to join a global agreement. THAT MEANS more than commitments to improve efficiency.

THAT MEANS signing up for a cap on the total amount or carbon dioxide you can emit.

ANYTHING LESS is no use to the atmosphere.

Remember, the planet has no lifeboat.

Have a good meeting!

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